A Visit to The Radio Station @ ELP TMZ

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In Radio we have two tools, sound and silence.

                                                          –  Ira Glass

Though we visit many interesting places, a visit to the Radio station is always the most exciting and a memorable one.It was a great opportunity for our ELP students to visit the Fever 91.9 & Radio one 94.5 FM station in Vadapalani, Chennai on 18th December 2019. Accompanied by their teachers the ELP students entered the attractive radio station. Famous RJ – Zoha welcomed our tiny tots with a huge smile and greetings. It was an unusual sight for all the people there to see so many cute little faces in their office, everybody joyfully greeted our children. The work area had a lot of organised cubicles for various sections of the radio.  Our kids were so delighted when they were taken inside the recording studio. RJ Zoha was happy to share her place with our kids and also she explained how everything works there. To add to the cheerful season of Christmas, our children sang “Joy to the world”carol in the recording room. They were highly encouraged and appreciated by the radio jockey for their lovely rendition of the carol.  The splendid carol by our kiddos was recorded by the RJ and it was also broadcasted in the Fever FM on the day of Christmas. The students were taken to various departments of the radio station and were explained about how each department worked. The kids were awestruck with the way a radio station functioned. They bid adieu to the radio station employees with their hearty wishes for a ‘Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year’.





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