CPSGS Thirumazhisai proudly Launches its First-ever Harmonious Virtual Choir!

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VIRTUAL is the trend prevalent today in all fields and CPS Global School Thirumazhisai has embraced the virtual platform  for scholastic and non scholastic activities.   Today is one such prominent day etched in the history of our school with the release of our first-ever Virtual Choir. This incredible initiative was ignited during the COVID-19 lockdown in April and May 2020. All of us warring against the uncertain times such as this and the urge to do something to restore the brokenness and to manifest love was the sole reason behind this virtual initiative.

A group of harmonious choristers from our very own CPS Global School family are part of this composition. This journey was achievable with the meticulous work that has gone behind it and all credits are attributed to our very talented music teacher, Mr. Eremias.

We couldn’t have asked for a day more apt than the International Youth Day (12th August) to launch our Virtual Choir in the presence of the august gathering of the entire CPSGS family – students, parents and teachers!

With this melodic symphony, we strongly declare music can heal and succour positively to triumph during these difficult times and heal our souls.

Please find below the link for virtual choir.

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