A Historic Day to Remember!

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‘International Youth Day reminds us that we must always value the young energy because they will shape the future. CPS Global School Thirumazhisai celebrated International Youth Day to raise awareness of the need to ensure the engagement and participation of youth keeping in mind the theme of International Youth Day 2020 –‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’

To mark this day, we had a special assembly hosted by the students of IBDP Year 1 and Year 2. The significance behind celebrating this day strikingly portrayed with a plethora of intriguing facts. The most historic moment was the inauguration of the VIRTUAL SCHOOL CHOIR, which arose like a super power. Truly, the musical initiative was a strong foot-print into the soil of VIRTUAL PLATFORM.

The announcement of the World Population Day Symposium winners by the Humanities Department was also part of today’s assembly. An enlightening and enthralling Symposium was virtually conducted where again our young students’ positive and impactful thoughts on the topic ‘Empowering Young Minds Today, to Develop the Nation Tomorrow!’ Awarding virtual certificates to the winners  was a real signature of virtual appreciation.

The most exciting and thrilling part of the day was the declaration of Student Council Election 2020-21 results. With the new normal, and in the new system of voting, Student-Council Election 2020-21 was smoothly carried out by the Election Committee and with the enthusiastic participation of the students, it was plausible to host such a reverberating election. The election excitement sustained till yesterday, and TODAY, it is all the more different. The unveiling of the Student Council Election 2020-21 was such a nail-biting moment for the virtual audience. A historic day to remember for the newly elected council members!

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