As the world transitions to ‘normalcy’, CPS Global School took great strides as its students visited the Tree Foundation in Neelankarai, Chennai on 5 th March 2022.

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Following the sales of the calendars, the
students of IBDP Year-1 complete the next leg of their CAS project by donating the profits collected to the
Tree Foundation, an organization fighting for the survival of turtles.
The day started off with an informative and certainly a very engaging first-aid session conducted by the
members of the Primary Healthcare Center (PHC). Elaborate with an ambulance and acting out real-life
scenarios, both by the students and the team from PHC, the students learnt numerous things— from the
Heimlich Maneuver to what to do when someone fractures themselves.

Later, at the Tree Foundation’s office in Neelankarai, the students got to see the sea-turtles and their
struggles first-hand. They learnt how humans’ selfish actions like littering can cause major problems for
turtles and other marine creatures. Moreover, they also had the opportunity to go to the beach where the
turtles’ eggs are safely stored until they hatch. Learning was definitely not compromised on this eventful
day since the students were involved in a vibrant TOK connecting the Knowledge Framework with
everything the students had learned throughout the day.

The day was, however, not without its challenges. A couple of students had logistical problems for which
they could not attend the session…physically. Since this was not an opportunity which could be missed,
the school called those students and broadcasted all the events online on zoom for them. This allowed them
to also experience and gain knowledge despite their difficulties. The teachers who accompanied the
students also handled situations very well regarding the traffic and the safety of the students while
returning, seamlessly coordinating the routes and communicating with the parents.
At the end of the day, the entire trip was, simply stated, amazing! The CAS trip was well executed, and the
students too had a lot of fun whilst learning so many things. The day was truly a new beginning to an old
world— to a world before the pandemic.

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