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Even if the open windows of science at first make us shiver … in the end, the fresh air brings vigour, and the great spaces have splendour of their own.

Bertrand Russell

National Science day is observed in India every year on the 28 th of February to
commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect by Physicist Sir C.V. Raman and to
spread the message regarding the importance of science in everyday life of the
people. The principle of Raman Effect has over the years found its application in
varied disciplines from Biology to Chemistry and Forensics. From identifying
molecules in chemistry to studying the tumours in Biology, the stature of a go-to
phenomenon has been attributed to the Raman Effect for its wide range of
applications across various fields.

CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai observed the National Science day with zeal and
enthusiasm by starting the day with a special assembly that addressed the imminent
need to follow sustainability as a newly founded philosophy. The theme for 2022
being, “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future,”
the assembly revolved around addressing core issues that leave sustainable
approaches astray. Sanchit of IGCSE Year 1 stressed the non-sustainable nature of
humans for sophistication by overproducing in agriculture practices and rampantly
burning fossil fuels for energy supply in the assembly.

He further stressed if the
public is not sensitised towards science, the philosophy of sustainability fails to come
into vogue. The assembly showcased the video of butterfly metamorphosis by
Nithish of CAIE 5 that conveyed the message that the advancement of science in the
field of videography has rendered it possible to witness the interesting life cycle of
these conspicuous creatures whose younger stages remain alluring. Our beloved
HOS, Ms. Jayu Ganesh in her address motivated the students to develop the
curiosity in science and embark on the sojourn to find solutions to those unanswered
questions in science.

Following the assembly, the school got ready to witness the first event, Let’s
experiment wherein the students of CAIE 1 to IBDP 1 communicated their findings
and observations through innovative methods of presentation that involved models, charts and prototypes. The event was a roaring success as the students fully
engrossed themselves in demonstrating and presenting their ideas, thanks to the
science facilitators coordinated by the physics facilitator, Ms. Rahila for meticulously
planning out the entire segment. The next event lined up for the day was ‘dare to
challenge’ where interesting and fun-filled games were conducted with the
underpinning of science behind the games.

The events for the day concluded with a
session on Ted-talks. Gone are those days of elocution competition that centred on
mundane topics which vaguely reflect the actual state of lives. Ted-talks, on the
other hand are a step up to the art of public speaking that allows the speaker to think
out of the box and also devote segments in the speech to weigh in on the claims and
counter claims of his/her opinions. Staying in line with the current trend, the students
of CAIE 1 to IBDP 1 involved themselves in Ted talks on a wide range of topics as
the choice of topics was left to the students to purposefully refrain from confining
their thought process and also to stay akin to the slogan of Ted talk, i.e., “ideas worth

The topics which the students considered worth spreading were given
the go-ahead and the event witnessed a plethora of topics ranging from Polar bear
conservation to Covid variant evolution. The school management takes immense
pride by inculcating the spirit in the student’s mind to stay curious and motivated
while at the task to unravel the mysteries in science standing parallel to the famous
quote by Robert M. Sapolsky that states, “the purpose of science is not to cure us of
our sense of mystery and wonder, but to constantly reinvent and reinvigorate it.”

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