A Remarkable Preface to IGCSE!

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CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai organized a distinctive orientation programme for the IGCSE Year1 and Year 2 students and their parents on 28 and 29 May 2020 to familiarize and to reiterate on the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, as it is imperative to recognize the purpose of IGCSE. Steering virtually using Zoom-online platform, the engaging session commenced with our Head of School, Mrs. Jayu Ganesh welcoming parents and students for the new academic session, spreading a positive mindset about the current pandemic situation and ways to tackle them adapting for the virtual teaching and learning methods.

The IGCSE Coordinator’s detailed picture about the policies of school, curriculum, examination pattern, the plan for the online classes and its guidelines for IGCSE Year 1 and 2 and explicit status of portion completion for IGCSE Year 2, outlined clear insight in the minds of the virtual audience. To facilitate the goals and aims of different IGCSE subjects, the subject teachers, introduced their subjects to shape the students’ comprehension of the subjects and its requirements. The IAYP presentation was certainly an enthusing entity for the learners. Emphatically, the virtual orientation was a remarkable preface to IGCSE Year 1, a great beginning to right learning for IGCSE Year 2 students!

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