Change what you can, manage what you can’t – The Erudite Talk Series

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School nurtures student not just with academic knowledge, but also their wellbeing. As part of the ongoing series of webinars, we had the pleasure of hosting historian, researcher and educator Mr. Marc Reyes and Dr. Munirathinam Suresh Kumar, eminent psychiatrist and ‘an eternal optimist’. 

Mr. Reyes’ talk was a vast discussion on two major areas- how historians reach a consensus on the depiction of certain events and the nature of bias, and how it may affect our perception of historical events in The Erudite Talk #5

Mr. Reyes, having completed research on several different institutions around the globe, and most recently as a Fulbright-Nehru Fellow investigating the historical background on India’s atomic program, affianced the audience with his knowledge in the areas of the diplomatic, economic, and cultural interactions between USA and India. Students at our IBDP program enthusiastically engaged with him on the topics of collecting evidence, identifying reliable sources and the role of a biased media in the construction of our future knowledge.


The following session was all about embracing mental wellness… embracing life! with Dr. M. Suresh Kumar in an insightful virtual session. Dr. Kumar discussed and reinforced the importance of nourishing and nurturing our mental health which many a time is ignored leading to drastic consequences. Be it a student, a teacher or a parent, mental wellness is a key to not just our academic accomplishments but personal endeavours as well.

Dr. Kumar suggested the tools and techniques to identify the lack of mental well-being, decipher the cause and then craft a personal approach to tackle the same. He also entertained numerous queries about tracking and improving sleep, coping with challenges, the use and misuse of social media, spirituality and altruism especially in today’s adverse and anxious scenario. 




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