Curated ELP Cart – Socio Dramatic Play 2021 @ CPS TMZ

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Curated ELP Cart — A Socio Dramatic Play

Socio dramatic play allows children to explore and create new worlds and it always has an aesthetic feel. The possibilities of dramatic play are not evanescent and this pragmatic way is actually a powerful tool for learning any language.

World Theatre Day is an international observance celebrated on 27 March 2021. Facing unusual circumstances, a whole year into the pandemic did not stop our learning and growing. We chose to depart from tradition and enter into our new-norm world in which our little ones of ELP also joined their hands. ELP kids of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, celebrated the socio-dramatic play (SDP) virtually. The screenplay was with regard to E-shopping in our Curated ELP Cart. Our kids enacted the step-by-step process in online shopping. This fabulous, imaginative performance enthralled the viewers. It is very important to develop the Social and emotional skills in children at an early age. By doing so, we make them relate their learning to the real world so that they appreciate the people who work for them and hence teach them to develop compassion and empathy towards all.

After which a fun Mirror on the wall game was played by the parent and child. Face full of jubilation was seen when the kids were doing the emoji challenge. Witnessing the above performances, the group gathered flabbergasted and riveted. Thus, with lots of fun and laughter the curtain was drawn for the day.

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