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This year is special for a lot of reasons- the main one being, the initiation of the new academic year on a virtual platform by CPS Global Thirumazhisai. The academic year kickstarted with two goal setting sessions which opened a whole new world of Entrepreneurship and Data analytics to our students.

The topic for Day#1 was ‘Entrepreneurship – the Pursuit of Opportunities’ and the speaker for this session was Mr. M K Balaji, a pioneer in entrepreneurship, start-up mentor and currently leading numerous projects globally in his capacity as a Special Leader with Deloitte consultants.

Mr. Balaji discussed about what makes and breaks an entrepreneur, how to overcome the challenges faced when starting a venture and how our students can be passionate achievers. The session winded up with Mr Balaji clearing the doubts of the students and by giving them valuable insights to become successful entrepreneurs by practicing the three P’s – Patience, Passion and Perseverance. The take away from the session was, ‘Don’t start a business to make money…start a business to make a Difference!’ 

Dr Arun Krishnan, Founder and CEO of n! Factorial Analytical Sciences, the guest speaker of the second goal setting session, enlightened the students on Data Analytics.

The topic was, “BIG DATA – THE INEVITABLE” and Dr Arun started right from the basics of what is Big Data and what exactly is meant by analytics. He developed the talk into how data has been growing, when is a data BIG DATA, how it is explained using the four Vs- namely Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity. He outlined the importance of data in various fields such as Energy, Telecommunications, Banking, Retail, Media and Health Care. The session came to a close with an enlightening question and answer round. With these dynamic Goal Setting Sessions, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, added a fifth V, V-for Victory in engaging the students during these tough CORONA times and holding up the beacon of hope.



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