YI Addiction Prevention Innovation Workshop, CPSGS TMZ

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“If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.”

– Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Addiction, the new age detriment of everyday living that is committed at the
cost of one’s work, hobbies, family time and finances faces serious concern
which needs to be curbed by the bearer not just for the betterment of his own
self but also for the wellbeing of the society. IBDP students of CPS Global
School, Thirumazhisai along with the CAS Coordinator, Ms, Swrnalatha took
pride in participating in the innovation workshop on addiction prevention,
conducted by the YI an initiative of CII, Chennai chapter in collaboration with
the Greater Chennai police Commissionerate. The students made the best out of
the opportunity that was meted out to them through the workshop by
collaboratively presenting their views and paying heed to the points put forth by
the other participants thereby emulating the learner profiles of the curriculum,
i.e., to be caring, reflective, communicative and most importantly, to be a
thinker. The students enthusiastically participated in the session wherein the
task was to solve one of the many problems the society faces today by
cohesively articulating and presenting their view-points sans jargon as it needs
to be catered to individuals of varied age groups. The students’ effort was
lauded by the committee members and the school takes immense pride for these
budding young minds whose fulfilment is not just focussed towards the
possession of materialistic wealth but also centred on the empowerment of their
fellow citizens standing akin to the popular saying by Tim Finn that states,
“True contentment comes with empathy.”

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