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                           “It’s always the small pieces
                            that makes the big picture.”
 Our ELP students  at  CPS Global School – Thirumazhisai, celebrated Puzzle day with great enthusiasm and energy. This activity wasn’t about just finding pieces, but about creating and putting their imaginary exceptional pieces together.

ELP kids were gathered together and teachers explained on Puzzles which help them to be confident and engaged which are our Cambridge attributes too.  Students were given a few pieces of incomplete figures and instructed them to make a proper picture.  They observed the shapes, colours, positions and used the strategies to fix them. They were engrossed in finding the big picture with the pieces they got. Our little ones had a willingness to handle the puzzle, which is a valuable trait to cultivate from childhood to advanced inquiry.  Puzzles  –one of the best exercises for our kid’s brain to develop their cognitive skills. Every small piece may seem to be less important, but, it actually was a small piece of heaven.  They fixed them up together in a certain way that kindled the curiosity of bringing jungle animals in front of their eyes.  And with all the laughter and efforts ELP kids were brilliant to ensure, whether all the pieces are in the right place.  Some even, thought outside the box, to find out the missing part of the Jigsaw puzzle. This activity brought a view that,

                                  Children are like pieces of a puzzle
                                  Each piece is special
                                  Each piece is important
                                  Each piece is needed
                                 To create a beautiful picture.

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