Virtual learning in CPSGS gets its moment outweighing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic

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The novel coronavirus has changed the traditional educational practice in CPSGS, but has not curtailed the academic progress. The crisis-driven online transition in teaching and learning revamped the educational system. The initial phase of online transformation was not too easy to adapt for both teachers and students. It was very challenging to rapidly shift the educational paradigm to online, few students even faced some internet connectivity issues. The teachers went through lot of experimentations and also had tough time in setting up the online platform, but after putting up lot of efforts, teachers and students together were able to overcome the constraints and effectively cope up with the new norm of education by breaking the monotony.  The IBDP and IGCSE virtual learning geared up a couple of days after school closed in March after carefully examining the pros and cons of digital learning system. An online learning planner had been devised by the school for IBDP and IGCSE students to continue with virtual classroom and it had been successfully implemented through online platforms like Zoom and Skype. Classes were observed by HOS and coordinators on a regular basis.The students actively engaged themselves in the learning process and also the technology enabled the teachers to efficiently deliver the lessons to the students without any glitch. Even though the learning situation of every student was different, the teachers ensured that the learning was not disrupted. The online class for each and every session was scheduled by the teachers well in advance and communicated to the students through Email. This enabled the students to set up their learning environment in an orderly manner. We really appreciate the tremendous efforts made by our parents in making sure that their children follow the learning schedule in a more organized way. After successful completion of the first round of online academic classes, the students were tested on their knowledge of understanding through online assessment. The whole testing process was properly planned, which made the online testing credible. The students were monitored through the audio-video share and online invigilation was done by the subject teachers under the careful observation of the coordinators and Head of School, thus the integrity of the assessment was well maintained. The very first remotely proctored and monitored online assessment went really well and was a great success. We are glad to see the seamless learning trigger in our students. We certainly hope that this online teaching development and learning initiative will definitely help our students to be one among the privileged future leaders, as it is rightly said by Dr. Marcus Specht, “The students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation, and they want it at the moment the need arises.” We also thank our parents for supporting us in this endeavor.

All coming together for a common cause…always results in success!


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