The Joy of Counting: A Creative Path to Math Proficiency

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Counting numbers is a crucial milestone in a child’s mathematical journey. The cornerstone of numerical understanding gains its firm base during the course of this journey. The ELP-2 learners of CPS Global School, TMZ enjoyed an exciting activity centred around counting numbers 1 to 5.

In this engaging exercise, children counted colourful fish cut-outs, representing numbers 1 through 5, and skilfully affixed them to a fish tank using glue. This interactive approach facilitated number recognition as well as honed their fine motor skills.

The counting activity went beyond just learning the numbers; it nurtured a love for learning in a playful manner. By providing a hands-on experience, it ensured that children not only understood the order of numbers but also retained the knowledge effectively. This endeavour highlighted how education can be both entertaining and educational, laying a strong foundation for their future mathematical pursuits.

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