RAISE YOUR WORDS NOT YOUR VOICE- Global Perspectives commences at CPS Global Thirumazhisai!!

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With the inception of Global perspectives for the middle school, July has been a whirlwind of activities.  The maiden topic was “What makes us human?”. The students had a field day working on a topic that could be mapped to Science, Philosophy, Literature and ICT to name a few. The students were taught free thinking, research methodologies, the importance of taking notes and most importantly, the essence of GP – Reflections. They understood the genetic make up of the human body and how we differ from other living organisms scientifically. The literature classes had them explore the various emotions that humans display which makes them a unique species. In ICT they did a fun project on how human beings differ from computers. Digital posters and skits gave a platform for the students to showcase their creativity. The debate on the topic “Humans are better than other animals” was the jewel in the crown. The students were trained in the nuances of debating, they were encouraged to use appropriate phrases to make the debate formal and endearing to the audience. They practised how to put across their thoughts in a polite yet firm way. They researched on the topic and acknowledged their sources appropriately. In short, they were in consensus to agree to disagree! The debate helped the students understand critical-thinking, enhanced their presentation skills. It aided the learners in organization of thoughts, persuasion and public speaking. It was heart-warming to see some of our slow bloomers come strong with their points for the debate. The most difficult part was the judging!! The judges had a tough time to take sides because all our students were as good as any seasoned debater! We take pride in the fact that beginning is the most important part of the work and we did it in style! Looking forward to new paths and beautiful destinations in our GP journey!

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