Professional development session on Differentiated Learning @ CPSGS, TMZ

The diversity in learning, such as different learning styles, intelligence types, and cultural
backgrounds are widely discussed but it is also important to recognize that there is a great
deal of diversity amongst learners themselves that may not always be fully understood or
addressed. One teaching approach or strategy might work well for one student, but not for
another and this impediment is largely based on physical and mental abilities, linguistic
background, and previous educational experiences. This is where differentiated learning
comes in as an approach to teaching that recognizes and responds to the diverse learning
needs of students. The teachers of Christ Junior College, Bangalore pursuing B.Ed program
interned at CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai conducted a session which aimed to equip
teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to implement differentiated learning in the
classrooms effectively.
The session emphasized the importance of understanding and addressing the diverse learning
needs of students to enhance their academic success and highlighted that student with
different learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds require different approaches to learning to
enable them achieve their full potential.
The session also discussed the importance of addressing the diverse learning needs of
students through differentiated instruction by offering the students the provision to have
multiple avenues to learn and demonstrate their understanding of academic content through
varying the content, process and the product of learning.
The interns shared practical strategies that teachers can use to differentiate instruction, such
as flexible grouping, tiered assignments, and transfer goal that pave the way for effective
differentiated instruction that requires careful planning and consistent assessment to ensure
that students' needs are being met.
Overall, the session was a valuable professional development opportunity for teachers. As
educators, it is our responsibility to ensure that all students have equitable access to learning
opportunities and the support they need to achieve academic success coinciding with the
words of Adam Braun, “We have every resource necessary to provide access to education
for every child on the planet; we just need to commit to enabling it.”

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