Hablar por Hablar at The Quest

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The Spanish students of IGCSE and IBDP had the opportunity to enhance their spoken Spanish skills at the Hablar por Hablar event at The Quest. We were joined by students from Hiranandani Upscale School, Akshar Arbol, and APL. We conversed with each other in Spanish and took part in group activities, meanwhile nourishing our skills in the language.

The first activity was an ice-breaking session that had us pick a letter token at random and introduce ourselves and state a word that started with that letter. It was interesting to see the various words everyone chose.

For the main event we were split into groups. There were different stations led by the Spanish teachers of the various participant schools, including our Spanish facilitator. Each station had different activities that required us to work with students of different schools, in the process exchanging and acquiring new vocabulary and cultural knowledge. There were many stations; Station One required us to assist each other in recognizing a famous personality or a common object with only questions and Yes or No answers. Station Two required us to ask each other questions with the use of question words like “Cual”, “Como”, “Donde”, etc. Station Three was an exciting, time-constrained activity that had us look through a picture for objects that started with a specific letter. Station Four tested our cultural knowledge. Station Five, tested our sentence building skills and creativity.

On the whole, it was an enriching experience that allowed us to test our linguistic skills and also expand our knowledge of Spanish culture and the language itself. We were also able to form connections with our companions from other schools. The participation of our school in this event encouraged us to be more passionate about our chosen language.

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