Friendship day celebration @ CPSGS TMZ

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Foster friendship!!!

Friendship day celebration @ CPSGS TMZ.

Friendship day is a day to celebrate and show gratitude towards our friends who have always been there for us.

A personalized gift is the most prized possession one can receive. As a part of the friendship day celebration our ELP kids made customised mini friendship cards. It was invigorating to see our little humans bustling with creativity as they drew their favourite picture in the cards. With great sense of pride and accomplishment the tiny tots gifted their token of friendship to their buddies. It is simply a way of affirming, “Yes, you matter to me and I shall be there for you”. They also made a friendship tree symbolizing their friendship and togetherness.  Though everyday is a festival of friendship at CPS GS for our little learners, this was a special icing on the cake or rather on their friendship!!


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