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“A parent is a teacher at home, a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”

We are excited and eagerly waiting to welcome our little ones to e-school!

We strongly believe that the school and parents should work together as partners to give good care and upbringing to our children.

To embrace the new beginning and to establish an everlasting bond we conducted an orientation session for our ELP parents. To provide rich knowledge about the ELP curriculum and to unveil the maximum potential concealed in our Waterford curriculum, we invited parents for a virtual orientation.

During the orientation, parents were taken through a virtual walk through the Waterford Early learning curriculum. Detailed insights about the beneficial and systematic processes involved in the ways of learning in Waterford ELP were furnished. Along with that, the parents were also given an insight upon the ELP system – subjects their child is going to learn and multiple opportunities we provide to unbox the true potential of each child.

A short video, “Journey of ELP 2019 -20” which gave a glimpse of various events, celebrations and proud achievements that ventured in ELP in the last academic session was screened.

Our Head Of School, prudently presented a speech about the significance of early learning and the ways to foster the development of  a healthy brain. She also stressed the importance of having verbal and non-verbal communication with our little ones. She explained how parents can encourage children to do chores at home and how it really helps them in their development. A short video on how the babies’ brain develops was shown to the parents.

We assured the parents that the online sessions will be conducted only at a comfortable pace keeping the child’s age in mind. The respective class advisors and other co-curricular facilitators introduced themselves and stressed upon the innovative teaching and learning methodologies which will be followed in e-school. The open session with parents allayed their doubts regarding online classes. The orientation program proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in enlightening the parents about the Waterford ELP.

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