On the path to Vasudaiva Kutumbakam

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When we train our minds to care about what is beyond our scope, we accept it as part of nature and seek an opportunity to benefit others.  And when a story teller initiates this thought process, it is bound to be a success. Ms. Meera Subramanian, journalist, author, conservationist and Fulbright Alumni enthused the young and old with her exuberant talk in the penultimate session of The Erudite Talk, Season#1. Being a journalist-cum- environmentalist who has authored several books, discussed her pioneer and immensely successful book, Elemental India: The Natural World at a Time of Crisis and Opportunity, wherein through different short narratives she has told the story of Eco- Swaraj in India. No one realised how almost one and a half hours flew by and then in the feedback sessions, all sought her advice and views of different environment related topics from impact of Covid- 19 to UNESCO’s SDGs to conservation of resources to gender issues. Truly, Ms. Meera just mesmerised all by her intellect and articulation.

Revisiting this intellectual note, the final session of The Erudite Talk, Season #1, Mobilizing towards Global Citizenship by Dr. P S Sivakumar brimmed with excitement.  Dr. Sivakumar, Principal Scientist, Central Tuber Crops Research Institute and a Fulbright Postdoctoral fellow, Florida State University, has been widely recognized for his extensive research work on global awareness and networking. His emphasis was on Global Citizenship. Stressing on the importance of having a community empathy, he exemplified the tremendous power of building communities based on values. He also added that educating one to think globally allows them to diversify, expand their connectedness with citizens of other cultural backgrounds. He shared his experience, during his years in US, of creating a global community and mentored students that this can be achieved by keeping oneself abreast with current affairs, cultural appreciations through food, music and dance fests. The Q&A session was well addressed by the speaker. It was overall an enlightening session and entirely apt for our IBDP and IGCSE learners. Indeed, the entire world is changing, we have to adapt to these changes and widen our circle to embrace others with their differences that make us whole. It was truly proved that the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people! Thus, concluded the first season of The Erudite Talk with a promise of many more seasons of fruitfulness.


Stay tuned for The Erudite Talk, Season 2! 



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