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World Chocolate Day !! Choco Blog !! – ELP

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Cacao was considered the food of Gods by the Mayans. The cacao bean and beverage were used in a variety of religious rituals honouring the Mayan God. Thanks to a Spanish explorer who introduced the humble pod to the world. The act of biting into a velvety piece of chocolate can be so comforting for young or old alike .Be it a choco chip cookie, a warm mug of hot chocolate that can wash down your throat on a cold winter morning, or a dense moist piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, this piece of discovery just gets you drooling at the very mention of it.
The ELP Children at CPS Global has wonderful time learning about the journey of the wonder bean. How, gradually the cacao pod transforms into a bar of chocolate after a short stint at a chocolate factory. Then of course, they shook a leg to a chocolate song “choco choco clap clap “they went!
It was a sweetilicious , chocolaced day here in our ELP campus !

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