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Kindred fire workshop @ CPSGS ANN

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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

The words of Edgar Degas did find its shape as our Senior Secondary Art and Design students made it to the two days workshop ; Kindred Fire: Shared Stories. 
The first session with Ms. Radhika Krish’s glass workshop widened the horizon of understanding that art is more than the mirrors of a kaleidoscope. The session braided the bangs of shimmering glasses, and art narrative while clipping it to
ideology of sustainability. The session provided the students the canvas space to explore and imprint their creative colours of decoration upon the recycled bottle.
The second session with Ms Kaveri Bharath took the plates of ceramics from the culinary world of ours to an horizon of art and physics by crafting ceramic whistles.
Intertwined with the strings of clay and sounds, this workshop made art travel through the realm of science.
Altogether, the narrative put together by this workshop indeed made the students as channels to share and ignore the story of art.

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