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Navratri celebration @ CPSGS ANN

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A colourful Garba and Dandiya Rass rejuvenated the vibrancy of the Navratri !

 CPS Global Annanagar celebrated ‘Dandiya Raas’ in which students of all grades participated with great enthusiasm. All the students attired in traditional dresses added to the festive mood. Students along with teachers all danced on the beats and tune of ‘Dandiya’ very devotedly with their heart out creating a vibrant and exuberant show. The ELP children also attuned to the Garba dance graciously in the Navratri Golu displayed in the school premises. The Students were told about the importance of nine days of Navratri and about the ‘nine forms’ of Goddess Durga and how Navratri celebration symbolizes victory over evil.


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