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CPS Global – Xlencia’19 : Annual Day filled with Delights and Laughs!

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‘A heart filled with aspirations is all that we knew since the very existence of the school and that’s what gave us the ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all our endeavors.’

Xlencia’19- The Drama, Music, Awards and more. The event started with the lighting of the lamp which was then followed by a soulful prayer song by the school choir.

This year’s Annual event was graced by Mr.Gennadii A Rogalev – Director of Russian Science and Culture in Chennai and Mr. Giri Muthukrishnan- Executive. Director at the JP Morgan Chase  and it was such a pleasure having them as the dignitaries. A very inspirational speech was delivered by our guests which made the audience listen in rapt attention.

No Annual Day is complete without showing the progress we’ve made from the past. The progress so far- CPS Strides, was shared by the Head of School, Ms. Rama Mylavarapu. Recognizing the talent that we bud in our garden, is one of the key beliefs of our institution. The students were honored for their last academic year achievements.Xlencia also witnessed the excellent teachers being recognized, the ones who have helped the kids tirelessly to stand proudly wherever they are.

  Curiosity is innate. Within every man lies a wanderer- an explorer searching for adventure and solace.  Each day this explorer searches for adventures, conquers challenges and makes responsible decisions. We like the wanderers are still nomadic in thoughts, emotions and actions. We should embrace this side of us with gratitude and live to the fullest without hindrance. We must sail with the ebb and flow of life, Espouse the raw nature of life and humanity and  not let situations and dogma change the distinct flavour of each of our lives.

  ‘The Wanderers’ -this year’s cultural revolves around this theme. Music, dance and drama which have evolved into complex, intricate and avante-garde forms of themselves with the years have been used as the media used to communicate these thoughts.

The best part of the cultural is that almost all the students participated in one of these and made their parents proud.The kiddies of the ELP segment were seen shaking their hips to the Hawaiian music and whereas the princesses of  CAIE 1 and 2 were seen doing some sophisticated Ballet and the prince were seen moving to the tunes of Chinese Drum Dance.

The other performances included a tint of Ras Garba, Hip-Hop and Illusion dance. Overall, the annual event was filled with a sense of achievement, laughter and some fun. The event was then signed out by the vote of thanks and  the National Anthem.

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