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The Lower Secondary and Senior students of CPSGS had an exciting collaborative learning session with the Space astronomy club. The universe has always fascinated humanity, sparking curiosity and inspiring countless discoveries.  The session helped students to get together to combine knowledge and enthusiasm to create a vibrant community dedicated to exploring the wonders of the universe.   The overnight session in TMZ campus made students bring a unique perspective to our cosmic pursuits.

One of the highlights of our overnight session is transfixing night sky observation. Armed with telescopes and a sense of wonder, students gathered under the canvas of the night sky to observe planets, stars, and celestial events. The mesmerizing dance of the Orion Nebula, the beautiful clusters of stars, the close up of the moon’s craters and its mountains, and the intricate stripes of the Gas giant, Jupiter; the observation of the night sky was a reminder of the beauty and vastness of our cosmic neighbourhood. Students were also avid astro-photographers, learning to capture the breath-taking images of the night sky.

From the distant galaxies to our own solar system, our student club members share a common love for understanding the celestial ballet that unfolds above us each night.

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