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Van Mahotsav – Save tree,Save life! – ELP

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Van Mahotsav is a week-long festival in the beginning of July which also coincides with the onset of rains. Van Mahotsav which means the “FESTIVAL OF FORESTS”, began in year 1950 by the Union Minister for Agriculture, Kulapati    Dr. K M Munshi.It has gained significant national importance and every year, millions of saplings are planted across India in observation of Van Mahotsav week.

“Trees are the kindest things we grow”.

This has been rightly said as the needs of all living beings are fulfilled by them. But their depleting number has become a serious issue. Taking this initiative, our ELP segment celebrated Van Mahotsav today to develop environmental sensitivity within our children. The tiny tots of ELP campaigned in front of our school premises with placards like “Save tree save life”, “Save paper, save trees, Save Earth”, “Plant trees, Plant the future.

The effort put up by our children in spreading the message “Each One Plant One” was spellbinding getting the attention of every passerby who stopped to notice the efforts of our children.

Less concrete more jungle says the ELP children of CPS Global!

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