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Whimsy Day @ CPSGS, ANN

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Long live,the happy days of the child

Help them to get good traits to shield

With love and caring habits, they hold

The future of the world in all shields

What comes to your mind when we talk about the children or the childhood?
The innocence, the mischiefs, the games, the fights or you just go and look in the mirror.  Do you miss being the little kid who could play, jump, sing out loud or dance in the rain??? Most of us do this. Most of us miss being a kid. Today at CPSGS we celebrated the long-lost childhood with our blossoming buds.

The teachers planned a special day for the children and organised several events to keep them entertained. The children came in dressed to impress and were nothing less than prince and princess from Disney! Everyone loves magic shows. Children never likes to miss one. Teachers turned in to magicians and showed few science related tricks. The show takes our little ones to Hogwarts school. The teachers danced to their favourite songs and set the dance floor ablaze with their dance moves. They went home with personalized scroll and  picture frame to hold as memories of this unforgettable day!

“Those little feet, won’t be little for ever.”

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