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“Play gives children a chance of what they are learning”

A happy day starts with happy smile. Circle time activities are often the highlight of the day. Children respond well to the comfortable feeling and stable routine that comes with a regular circle time. It provides an open opportunity for important social interactions, zealous movement, and spirited learning.

Just like we need water for those beautiful flowers to grow outside, indoor play on rainy days offers new educational opportunities to help our little one’s flourish, too.

The rain didn’t stop us from learning and having fun at EY 2. Two games were planned to engage our little tots. One was the Movement game, it’s the simplest form to explore and learn about our body and its range of movement, encouraging body control, co-ordination and balance. Children did their best to imitate the stick figures stuck on the chair.

The second one is making a face game, where children have to fix the eyes and mouth on the board in the correct position sitting behind it. There are no words to express the fun and frolic that filled the air.

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