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Measurement is an important math skill with many real world applications. Children build the foundations of measuring in kindergarten.

It is important to provide many opportunities for our tiny tots to explore and practice measurement skills because mastering the basics now will set them up for success in the next stage

Our EY3 kids understood that objects can be measured in different ways, even        using non-standard units of measurements like paper clips, blocks, hair clips, hands and fingers depending on the attribute of interest. They even learnt to compare and order three or more objects and used comparative or superlative  language to solve problems and answer questions.  They also demonstrated their skills by doing hands on activities in I genius lab where they compared the weight of different objects using scales, measured the capacity of a cup by testing how much liquid it can hold, measuring how many blocks tall they are etc.,

Eventually our young children’s sense of measurement developed to include new skills by answering the questions How do you know? Can you tell me more about that? What can we use to measure them?

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