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Sight Words – ELP 3C

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THE bus IS red…and THE SKY  IS blue…THE chocolates ARE sweet and so ARE YOU!

Importance of sight words in our daily language cannot be undermined. They give form and meaning to the sentences and help understand conversations better.  These are commonly used words that one comes across frequently and should be memorized in order to facilitate fluent reading.

Repetition is an important technique in learning vocabulary. In order for the words to be kept as long as possible in the memory, it is necessary that they be repeated at frequent periods of time. However, repetition alone will not be effective. It must be accompanied by the understanding of the meaning of those particular words and by correlation with other similar already learnt words.

We have started with 2 and 3 letter sight words. To facilitate better learning of these words we did an activity with our children in ELP 3 C wherein each child was given a set of words. They were asked to read the word and form a sentence. With their increasing vocabulary and improving language skills they were able to form simple sentences.






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