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Letter sound listening activity – ELP 2B

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Before learning to read kids must understand that each letter has an individual sound. This can be a very challenging skill to acquire because some letter sounds are very similar. Mastery in this requires lot of practice. But all they need is a strategy to get the hang of it.
Phonics is a key to teaching children to read in a fast and fluent way.
To get it more exciting this has been implemented through an enjoyable game in the class of ELP 2B. We started off by putting forth to children different words. They had to show up the letter and the pictures which matched up with the sound.
There was another activity simultaneously executed to fortify the same concept. Children jumped and hopped their way to retrieve the letters placed at the other end of the room when called for.
Though these activities might seem very simple in approach the impact it leaves is immense. We need not think of doing it out of the box each time, it can be a run of the mill idea but just got to be made more engrossing and unusually good!

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