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Socio Dramatic Plays are imagination driven plays based on real life situations.
Children are assigned roles, and they act them out. It is a time when they break through the walls of reality and pretend to be someone. They are able to practice and develop their language and social skills simply by being with and talking to other children. It boosts development of problem solving and self-regulation skills. We are all familiar with the imaginative plays of our childhood….whether it was the doll house or a super hero flying across the room! We now bring this form of play into our teaching to accelerate the child’s fun and learning quotient.
We conducted a SDP with our children at ELP 3 called “Help is a Dial Away!”
In today’s fast paced life and ever evolving world, we need to be heedful of people who can lend a helping hand in times of emergency. A sudden mishap, calamity or crisis can leave us injured and stranded. At such times knowledge of help lines where people will be of assistance is very essential. They might be just a call away! A call to the fire station may help protect that child stuck in a burning building. A distress call to an ambulance may help save the life of the man who met with an accident on the road and a call to the police station may just be enough to save someone from being robbed!
Diligent and alert citizens can help society if they are well equipped with such knowledge.
Our children played the parts given to each with perfection. The thrill of enacting as a policeman or a fire fighter makes it notable especially if it involves an audience. The doctor who rushed in to help the injured or the girl looking for her pet, all had the parents awestruck and marveling at how many their children enjoyed the characters given to them.
Our young learners now have an ever increasing vocabulary and evolving control over their language skills. Such interactive plays help to accelerate this growth.


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