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Meet the Medics

Socio Dramatic Play is a form of pretend play where children play various roles, imitate, act and speak on themes based on real life situations. This encourages them to be expressive as well as communicative. On the other hand, it provides great opportunity to teachers for observing the development process of a child. It is integral learning of sorts.

The socio-dramatic topic selected for ELP-2 was “Meet the Medics”. This was chosen because children had been learning about sense organs for a few weeks at school and it was time for their learning to be put into practice!

Children posed as doctors of various disciplines and enacted their roles to perfection. When children get a grip of what they have been learning they don’t need a script! Our teachers had to just give an outline about their characters in the drama and we had some extempore performances!

Such SDP’S also ensure an increase in the retention capacity of a child and this has them appearing more confident in front of an audience, and while eliciting a response from their fellow players.

Kudos to our little performers for putting up a great show.

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