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Sailing through – ELP

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It was all about boats at the ELP block on Thursday.
Boats have been around for thousands of years and have always played an important role in transportation. A boat often represents a journey, a journey into the unknown, a journey of discovering lands, of adventure and of exploration. The humble boat saw its discovery when man had to find something that would float and keep him dry and safe to carry him across deep seas for discovering faraway lands.
Boats saw its evolution as from the very modest bamboo floats to lavish cruise ships and very futuristic hover crafts.

Our tiny tots at ELP pretended to be fishermen and enjoyed getting on to our model boat which they had a hand in painting and giving it a colourful look .They created their own tiny boats from recycled materials and set sail them in a small pond setup which helped them learn the concept of “ sink and float .
“We anchored the day!


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