“Kalakriti: Fostering Creativity and Compassion Through Art”

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Kalakriti, the annual art exhibition organized by CPS Global School Thirumazhisai, brought together a splendid showcase of artistic brilliance from students of CAIE 1 to IBDP. The event was a celebration of creativity, diversity, and compassion, as it not only highlighted various art forms, such as Warli, the color wheel, Bandhani, cardboard art, kolams etc but also emphasized the significance of art in our lives.

The students went a step further by setting up a potter’s wheel, inviting visitors and parents to experience the joy of pottery. This interactive approach not only engaged attendees but also demonstrated the therapeutic nature of art.The event featured live counters for various art activities, including bookmark crafting, pebble painting, face painting, mehendi application, macramé keychain crafting, tie and dye, bottle painting and the creation of fridge magnets. The face painting and body art counter was a hit among the students and visitors alike. The festive atmosphere was enhanced as people proudly displayed their body art featuring Batman symbols, butterflies, and hearts.

What made this year’s Kalakriti even more special was its noble cause. The event served as a platform for collecting funds to provide essential equipment for a primary health centre, Thirumazhisai aligning with the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project for International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) students. This intersection of art and social responsibility underscored the transformative power of art beyond aesthetics. The funds generated during the exhibition would directly contribute to the betterment of healthcare facilities, showcasing how art can be a catalyst for positive change in society.

Parents were not just passive spectators but active participants, immersing themselves in the plethora of live art counters and enjoying playful moments at the games counter.The classrooms at Kalakriti were meticulously organized, with children’s works displayed proudly on stands. The children themselves served as enthusiastic ambassadors, explaining the nuances of their artwork. Their enthusiasm and ability to communicate their creative journey emphasized the educational and communicative value of art in young minds.

The teachers’ artistry was a captivating display of talent, featuring intricate acrylic paintings, Quilling creations, glass paintings and Mandala art. There was a counter by IGCSE year 2 Global Perspectives students, where students explained about their team project – Campaign against drug abuse. Brochures designed by the students with details about Drug abuse were given to the visitors. Kalakriti beautifully demonstrated how the vibrant strokes of a paintbrush, the rhythmic dance of a potter’s wheel, and the delicate touch of mehendi can come together to make the world a better place.


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