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Hard work pays off @ CPSGS, ANN

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Young children learn more from storytelling than formal methods of teaching. Short stories have a way of teaching lessons that makes them more relatable and interesting. It not only tickles their imagination, helps them become more aware of their actions and their consequences.

EY2 kiddos rejoiced in for a tale ‘Little Red Hen’. The story is all about red hen and three friends. Little Red hen planted the seeds, harvest it, take it to the mill to be ground and then baked a loaf of bread without the help of her friends. Children enacted the characters of story and encouraged to talk about what happens after in the story.It increased the verbal proficiency and the use of imagination and creativity.. Purred, barked,sack, mill  are the new vocabulary words in the story .We wrapped the story telling with a take home message –when you work hard, it pays off, and you get to reap the benefits of your hard work.




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