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Colour Mania!!! – ELP 1

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Can you look around and find the colour ‘yellow’ for me? Asks the teacher.
The excitement in ELP 1 reached new heights as the kids went colour hunting in their class. Colour identification is one of the first learning experiences a toddler encounters. They might not verbally name the colour , but will have an aptitude to choose the right one when called out. An excited flurry of associations follows when they learn a colour or two.
ELP 1 children played” find the colour game”. It was a colour treasure hunt, of the things that their teacher hid around their class. Their little feet looked near and far, above and below, in and out for various objects as the teacher called out the name of colored object which they had to find.
They shrieked and scurried back to their teacher with whatever object they found and the room echoed with their shrill giggles!
The most colourful day at ELP 1 so far!




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