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Brunch with mummy! – ELP 3

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Who needs Superheroes when I have my MOM?

Emotional, yet the Rock! Tired, but keeps going!

Worried, yet full of hope! Overwhelmed, but never quits!

Wonderful, amidst all the chaos! Life changer, every single day!

Today started with a bang at our block for all of the ELP 3 classes at CPS Global School, Anna Nagar.

Our Super Moms took some time off their busy schedules to have a lip-smacking brunch with their tiny tots.

Our Mummies entered with a broad smile on their faces and toothsome dishes in their hands and were welcomed by their children with a warm hug and a beautiful memoir. There was an instant chatter which filled the air with children showing their mums around and busy introducing their friends. There were games and activities at our specially created activity hubs and of course not to forget the tantalizing aroma of food which filled the classroom.

It was indeed a day well spent and we are sure they have filled their hearts with impressions for a life time.




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