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Come on Let’s play – ELP 1

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Physical education or PE has become an absolute necessity as part of the curriculum more so in recent times to develop a lifestyle where regular physical activity is practiced vigorously.
“The focus of P.E is on engaging children while they’re unaware of the confidence and competence that is parallelly developed along with a positive impact on long term physical and mental health.
A young child needs to be placed in an environment where their senses are appropriately stimulated. A space which provides the opportunity to practice, gradually developing their gross motor skills and reflects on their appetite to keep them fit.
We want our children to acquire sport-specific skills easily and develop a love for physical activity as the ones capable are the ones motivated to continue. Children don’t love something they are not able to do.
All kids love toys, and the right ones are very beneficial. The best way to grab our little one’s attention is to organize games with colorful toys in front of them. Hence, our PE Facilitators engaged our ELP 1 children with wide range activities like running race, walking in a line, connecting hoops, skip over the hoops, building the blocks to name a few. These activities also aided in strengthening their hand eye coordination and logical thinking.
A smart move to get those little bodies active!


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