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Cherry Blossom blooms – ELP 3B @ CPSGS ANN

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At the ELP segment, we learn about traditions that are celebrated from all around the world. On one such learning experience about Japan children came know about Sakura, the Japanese for cherry blossoms which fills the country with its spectacular bloom.
The flowers are deeply symbolic: their short-lived existence taps into a long-held appreciation of the beauty of the fleeting nature of life, as echoed across the nation’s cultural heritage, from tea ceremonies to wabi sabi ceramics.
Today our elp3 children made a beautiful cherry blossom art in their time at the splash studio.
With ear buds they touched on white and pink tempera paints to make small spots on a tree trunk making them look like the tree was in full blossom.
“Utsukushii” as they say for beautiful in Japanese!

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