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Now showing @ CPSGS ANN – ELP 1

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The big screen movie experience is always exciting. An adrenaline rush to see our favorite actor perform stunts and hear them say their famous one liner is an adventure only movie buffs can understand!

When we enter the Cineplex the tantalizing aroma of popcorn wafts through the air stirring our zillion little taste buds .our mind races to decide, do I want it “butter, caramel or plain salted? After buying that extra large tub of popcorn we aimlessly wander around the lobby waiting for our show to start then suddenly the urge to wash it down with something cool tempts us. Do I want lemonade or do I want a softy? Finally after all these major decisions are done we snug into the comfy chairs and wait for the show to begin.

“The Chronicles of ELP1” was a movie where the entire little buds of ELP 1 starred. From issuing tickets, to selling little nibbles and ushering the movie goers into the hall children handled the various roles with élan. The spectators were absolutely moved by the spell binding portrayals and wanted an encore!

Well, we would like to announce that all tickets were sold out and the movie was a box office success!

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