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Enriching Experience – Joy of giving week Celebration Day 3 @ CPSGS ANN

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The IGYr1 couldn’t wait to visit Madras Literary Society after all that the Grade 8 students shared about their experience in the Assembly. As we boarded the bus, the students quickly divided the jobs amongst them, some wanted to write out Index cards, some wanting to dust and a few were secretly hoping to lay hands on rare 17th Century first edition books. The students were quick in finishing the assigned tasks and explored the place and spent time with MLS volunteers who shared many stories about the place. Our students not only extended a hand in serving the community but through this they experienced Integrative skills as they discussed the functioning of the library, the programmes they conduct and all other activities through a conversation with the librarian Ms.Kanthi, Reflective skills as they improvised on the work they did in writing out index cards which they patiently observed and revised to better themselves. Our students expressed their eagerness to be a part of MLS and making it fully functional so that it which reaches out to the society.

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