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CAIE 6 & 7 – Field Trip to Avadi Bio Park @ CPSGS ANN

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Learning through experience leaves an ineffaceable impression upon the doer, and if it happens with more excitement, the result would be phenomenal.

Such an indelible impression has been left on the students of 6th and 7th grades on their field trip to Avadi Bio Park. It has amazed them as they have been exposed to a variety of eco systems which helped them to contemplate more on ecological perspectives. The scenic beauty surrounded there enthralled their inquisitive minds to explore and exchange their heterogeneous ideas among their peer group, which excited them enormously.

A healthy discussion is the one which not only unlocks the treasure trove of knowledge but also excites one’s sprit to immerse to the fullest of its own. A happy learning-field trip made them unlock their spirit of inquisitiveness.

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