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CAIE 1 – Field trip to Adyar Eco Park @ CPSGS ANN

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Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences by the environment.

As the quote says, effective learning will happen only through experiences. To make this a reality, children of CAIE 1 went on for a field trip to experience the nature and learned about living things in different environments. They transformed in to nature explorers to search different insects, shrubs and variety of plants, etc. The search did not go in vain; the explorers spotted red bugs, seven spotted cockroach, mushrooms, dragonflies, honey bee sucking the nectar and caterpillars, climbers, etc. There was a huge excitement and joy when they had a chance to see a turtle and the tortoise. Children watched a short film on how the park is transformed into a shelter for many living creatures, which in turn created awareness among the children about the arising need to protect the environment.

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