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Riddle sense – ELP 2A

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Our bodies are miracles of nature. They are wonderful machines which functions like a clock. Children always display inquisitiveness to know about this miracle and are in constant   look out for new knowledge .So it is very important that the young ones learn about the different parts of body along with their uses from an early age.

To fruitfully teach the concept to the little ones of ELP2 numerous ways were adopted. One of the best ways among all is the fun games. Today’s game was named “WHAT AM I?” Different parts of the body were displayed in a chart .Simple riddles on body parts were put forth to the children.

The riddle went like this

I am a part of the body.

I close when I sleep and blink when awake.

I am used for sight .

Children   listened to the riddle and touched the correct body part in the chart with a magic wand and shouted the body part name.

The game made a lot of sense!



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