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An eye for detail and a hand to bridge – ELP 1 @ CPSGS ANN

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What happens, when someone tosses you the car keys? A myriad of thoughts clog your mind. What if you don’t catch them? What if they miss your hand and hit you in the face? Moments like this actually point to something really important – Hand-eye coordination.

It basically wires your body for complex movement. Hand-eye coordination in toddlers will affect their  ability to color, draw basic strokes and pictures, write by hand, catch a ball, swing a bat and hit a ball, create art, do a jigsaw, tie shoe laces, build with blocks, thread a needle, use scissors etc.

Our ELP 1 curriculum took an chuckle-some start this New year 2020 with fun games and activities to enrich the Hand eye coordination skills of our tiny tots like target practice, passing ball, tossing ball, threading beads to mention a few.

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