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Light and Shadow @ CPSGS ANN

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Lights on!  Action!!!

Let’s light shine out of darkness. If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.

Nothing is possible on earth without light. Light helps the livings things to see, get food, etc. Children of CAIE 1 were involved in hands on activity to understand about the concept of light.

Children were given a dark mystery box with few objects, completely sealed with two small holes to look in to it.  With curiosity and excitement, they peeped into the box. All they could find is the darkness. By shining the light through the hole, they were able to find out the objects and realized that light is essential to see things around us.

Wondered how light travels? To find this, children used few punched cards and a light source, a torch. Initially, the cards are randomly placed to check the path of the light. Then the cards are arranged in such a way that all the holes are in sync and the children witnessed the light passing through the holes in a straight manner.


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