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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that”
Nothing is possible on earth without light. Light enables living things to see, get food and carry out other essential activities. Children often do not realize that they cannot see in the absence of light. To make our children of CAIE 1 to understand that without light  things would be pretty dull. Children were amazed that even all the beautiful colours around them can be seen only in the presence of light.
Through a series of Hands on activities various concepts pertaining to Light were revealed to our little ones. They used simple materials such as lazer torch, punched cards and hole box to understand:
i. You need light to see things
ii. Darkness is the absence of light
iii. Light travels in a straight line
iv. Light travels from a source falls , falls on an object and gets to our eyes; making us see the object.
Overwhelmed with their discoveries the children demonstrated their understanding through group presentations.

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