A Day’s trip to space – Astronomy club overnight session

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The marvel of the universe never fails to captivate our imagination. Students of CAIE 6, 7 & IGCSE Year 1 of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, were fortunate to embark on a fascinating journey into the cosmos through the Astronomy Club organized by Space India on 6th February 2024. This enriching overnight session conducted in the school campus offered a plethora of experiences that left the students awe-inspired. The Astronomy Club members eagerly participated in various activities that deepened their understanding of space. The hands-on telescope activity proved to be an enlightening experience, unravelling the mysteries of telescopic functioning. 

The ambiance was further enhanced by a delightful campfire accompanied by music, creating a perfect blend of education and entertainment. The highlight of the session was the planetary observation, where students marvelled at the sight of the colossal gas giant, Jupiter. Navigating the night sky using maps proved to be a valuable lesson, drawing parallels between sky maps and road maps. They identified prominent stars like Sirius, Capella, Betelgeuse, and Canopus, along with constellations such as Ursa Major and Orion.

 Their excitement soared as they delved into the intricacies of capturing celestial objects through a DSLR camera. Our amateur photographers snapped breathtaking pictures of the night sky. At the magical hour of 2 am, the students were treated to a mesmerizing display of nebulae, including the Honeycomb Nebula and Salt n Pepper Nebula. They left with a profound appreciation for the vastness of the universe, having witnessed its wonders firsthand. 

As their celestial journey came to an end, the students found themselves in a moment of reflection, realizing that the extraordinary experience of stars, moon, planets, and constellations was far from a mere dream. In essence, what began as an overnight session evolved into a treasure trove of fun and learning for the students.

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