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Virtual Guest Lecture on Self- Efficacy, Self- Confidence and Self- Direction @ CPSGS ANN

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On 8th of August, our school had organized a wonderful guest keynote with Dr. Anchal Margaret Dua. She perfectly communicated her ideas on the self-efficacy, self-confidence, and self-direction. Traditionally complex, abstract conversations were put into simple, easy to understand phrases that made us, as students, feel incredibly comfortable. She divided the segment into two parts, one where she explains in detail about the ways to go about the topics, and the other where she allows the students to celebrate their curiosity with a question and answer. Dr. Dua has an interesting aura, she really understands students at a fundamental level and does her best to teach students that self-worth comes from within. We personally thoroughly enjoyed the session because she has a remarkable point of view. She encourages students and people of all ages to learn about themselves, prioritize themselves, and love themselves.

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