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Family- Small moments in time – Creating memories that last a life time @ CPSGS ANN

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Family is important. We are like branches on a tree though we might grow in different directions, our roots remain as one. We all need a break from monotony yet need our routines.  So, we work intentionally on juggling both. We at CPS Global thought we can contribute a tad to the monotony this pandemic has subjected us to.

August 8 was no ordinary Saturday morning!  ‘How well do you know me? was scheduled to take place at 10 am.

As soon as the links opened the classes poured in with the eagerly waiting participants and the virtual window acted as the perfect portal to share positive vibes and energy.

5 questions in 5 minutes parent child duo No sweat huh?!

Definitely not for the anchor, but for the child it was all about cognizance of her/his parent.

But you know what! they totally took the show by storm. we bet even the parent must be wondering ” How did she know that about me”!?

With parent and child having a whale of a time, Mr dull moment was nowhere to be seen.

We had a downpour on Saturday -A downpour of smiles and laughs!


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